Hello, My Name is Susan...

...and I am one of the many visitors to your website that will never contact you for more information.  Sorry...

Do you know today’s franchise buyer?

Hello, My Name is Susan... - Michael J. Childs ConsultingYou may think you can track them through emails and phone calls, maybe even website analytics.

But what if they never contact you?

In fact, most prospective franchisees quit at the initial research stage without ever contacting anyone at all.

Today’s buyer will almost always decide whether to move forward - or not - based on the content on your site.  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” really applies here.

And, the better your site, the better your close rate.  Direct website inquiries (as opposed to a franchise portal or other advertisement) are usually the very best, most qualified prospects.

A few pages on your public site about the franchise opportunity just won’t get the job done.  You really need a separate franchise opportunity website that tells the complete story about the franchise you are offering.

Buyers want to know who your customers are, why they do business with you, what a day in the life of a franchisee looks like, where they would source products, how long does it take to ramp up/break even and of course; profit potential.

The better you can answer the “how much can I make” question, the better your responses from buyers will be, and the more franchises you will sell.

I highly recommend an Item 19 (Financial Performance Representation) in your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). On your website, you can make it known the that the financial information they need to make a decision is in the FDD, which usually makes them more willing to send in a Confidential Application to get it.

As for your website, be sure to stay away from the same old franchise clichés (Be your own boss, in business for yourself not by yourself, take control of your life, etc.) and try to be as authentic as possible.

Bottom line with website design and copy:

Potential franchisees never want to be ‘sold’ and will not believe anything perceived as hype.  They are on red alert for and highly resistant to sales tactics.

Trustworthy content is king.

If you want your prospect to take the next step in the buying process, which at this point is contacting you for more information - just give them facts and information they can trust.

If You Want Something Done Right…

In this case, you actually shouldn’t do it yourself.  This is a job for professionals.

But your website and online presence are so important - if you can - my suggestion is to bring website design and maintenance in-house (by hiring a professional) so that it can be tightly controlled.

Especially the copy, which will need to be frequently updated.

Compared to outsourcing with the fees for changes, etc., it can actually be less expensive - with the added benefit of increasing franchise sales.

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