Buying a Job

By Michael J. Childs

Have you ever heard the term; “buying a job"?

Low investment franchise opportunities are sometimes called buying a job or income substitution - and even discredited by some in the industry.

Buying a business isn’t a cure-all for joblessness, but many of these small investment businesses grow in value as they mature and sold for a nice profit when the time comes.

For many, it makes sense to invest in a business they can run on their own, be their own boss and take charge of their future while building equity.

But there is a difference between buying a job and a real investment.

A successful business will build value.  A business that isn't profitable or can’t be sold for a profit is a job, not a real business investment.

But you shouldn't automatically eliminate a low investment franchise just because someone said you are buying a job.  It may well be the perfect business for you.

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