The Qualifying Process

By Michael J. Childs

Buying a franchise is just a process of mutual acceptance of both parties.  If you’re seriously interested in the franchise, it’s important to show that interest in your actions.

Just like you monitor the interest level of the franchisor, they will be monitoring yours.

Franchisors know that a truly interested prospect and likely successful franchisee - will move right through the investigation and make a decision.

They also know that those that don’t return calls when they say they will, don’t review documents or call existing franchisees in a timely manner or otherwise take a passive role in the selection process, don’t make the best franchisees.

That's why there is usually a set procedure in place for you to follow.

Among other things, this structure allows them to see whether you’re willing to follow a defined system or program, a key success indicator for most franchisees.

So if you are truly interested in the franchise, take an active role in the process.  It isn’t a sign of weakness - and make a decision one way or the other.

Most franchisors take no decision as a decision.

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