Franchise Development


We offer low-cost, guaranteed Flat Fee Franchise Development Packages that include everything you need to successfully franchise your business and start selling franchises in the shortest amount of time.

Your franchise opportunity, Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement, and Operations Manual will be custom designed from the ground up specifically for a startup franchise offering.

All of the legal documents will be easy to read and understand for you, your buyer, and your new franchisees, while protecting your intellectual property and fully enforcing system standards.


Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The FTC requires a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for all franchisors offering franchises in the United States.  It contains 23 Items that explain the franchise that you are offering in plain English.  The FDD must include copies of everything your new franchisee will be signing, such as the Franchise Agreement and other agreements.

The FDD will be written following the Franchise Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule governing the offer and sale of franchises in the United States in easy to understand, plain language with careful attention given to producing a fair and saleable franchise opportunity that is attractive to potential franchisees.

Franchise Agreement

The Franchise Agreement is the legal contract between you and your franchisees. They are not required to be written in plain English or stick to a specific format like the FDD. But legalese is hard to decipher, so we provide a Franchise Agreement in everyday language, making it easy for both you and your buyers to read and understand quickly.

Documents your buyer can read and understand are a huge benefit to you when it comes to selling franchises.

Custom Operations Manual

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule requires that you have an Operations Manual.  The Table of Contents and the number of pages in the manual are a required exhibit in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Working closely with you both at your location and offsite, I provide a complete, custom Operations Manual specific to your franchise opportunity that is professionally written, professional edited, and ready to use.  

A well-written, well-designed Operations Manual is the perfect textbook to use during initial and ongoing franchisee training. You won’t need a separate training manual.

On-Site Visits

The site visits are an integral part of designing a saleable franchise opportunity. Other than out-of-pocket expenses, there is no additional fee for as many on-site visits to your location that are needed during development.

Unlimited Franchise & Business Consulting

In addition to on-site visits, included in the Flat Fee Franchise Development Package is unlimited franchise consulting and seasoned business advice by phone, email and Skype during the franchise development stage and for three months following development.

Payment Plans

We offer several payment plans to fit your budget and timeframe to make it possible to develop your franchise opportunity and start selling franchises without a significant upfront investment.

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