Operations Manual Template


Using the extensive amount of knowledge learned from Custom Operations Manuals produced by us over the years, we have created the most comprehensive, professional, and best-looking Operations Manual Template in the industry.

You should plan on about three months to finish your manual, but If your budget doesn’t allow for a Custom Operations Manual, or you would like to write your own, this template will be ideal for you.

With 25 Chapters and over 300 Pages, the Operations Manual Template is perfect for both restaurants and service type businesses.

The expertly designed Operations Manual Template will help you produce a comprehensive, good-looking Operations Manual, which is the only proven way to enforce uniform brand standards across your entire franchise system, protect your intellectual property and trademarks, and provide world-class initial and ongoing training.


  • Logo and Corporate Colors. We customize the template with your corporate colors throughout, logo, company name and address on the cover page, and footer copyright information
  • PDF Conversion. We will convert and combine the finished Microsoft Word chapters into a password-protected, secure Adobe Acrobat PDF you can print, post online, and distribute electronically.
  • Technical Support.  You will receive unlimited technical support while you are working with your Operations Manual Template.
  • Two Hours of Expert Franchise Consulting. With Michael J Childs by phone, email, or Skype.

Online Meeting / Preview / Pricing

Operations Manual Templates are not suitable for everyone. They can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging to get right.

Not everyone that contacts me is a good candidate to purchase any Operations Manual Template, including mine, which is why we don’t sell it without making sure you will be successful finishing it.

Please contact me for a no-obligation quote for this Operations Manual Template custom designed for your business and a live preview of the complete manual, and to go over what exactly is involved in writing a complete, comprehensive Operations Manual before you buy it.

You can Book Time on My Calendar or use the Contact Form. Evenings are available by appointment.

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