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If you are a busy franchisor who doesn’t have the time or resources to devote to an Operations Manual Template project, I provide custom Franchise Operations Manuals that are professionally written, edited and ready to use in as little as 60 days, at very affordable pricing.

We do all the research, writing, editing, and formatting with as many on-site visits to your location as needed, including unlimited phone, email, and web consultation.

The Table of Contents is the outline we use as a starting point to create a unique, custom Operations Manual specific to your franchise system.  With an existing manual rewrite, we use your current Table of Contents or outline as the starting point and add any missing headings and other content.


Step One - Documents Review

We start with a detailed review of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement, and other documents to make sure the Operations Manual accurately reflects what is in the FDD and Franchise Agreement.

Step Two - Site Visit

The initial site visit is a meeting to collect the information we need to begin preparing your manual.  During the visit, we will interview and create a list of all content experts in your company, and review documents and other essential collateral.

Step Three – Initial Rough Draft

You'll receive a rough draft for review and your comments on changes or additional content. After we receive the edited rough draft from you, we will make the changes and additions, assemble the manual as a final rough draft, and keep working with you until you are happy with the content and layout.

Step Four – Final Version

We provide the final version of the manual printed, in editable Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format you can print out, post to your website, and send electronically to your franchisees.

You own the documents and can make as many changes or revisions as you like.  We can also provide manual changes and updates as your franchise system grows and matures.


Complete Custom Operations Manuals start as low as $4,995. Contact me to schedule a no-obligation conference call to discuss your Operations Manual project and budget.


If you have the time to devote to a Franchise Operations Manual project, you can complete this professionally written and edited Operations Manual Template yourself at a fraction of the cost of having one written for you.

A complete, quality Franchise Operations Manual is a must.  It will govern and control your franchise system for at least 10 years, and will also become your training manual.

Your Operations Manual must be complete, accurate, and highly detailed, and match the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement.  My DIY Operations Manual Template gives you everything you need to create a world-class Operations Manual in the least amount of time.

  • Buyer beware!  My Franchise Operations Manual Template is not just a copy of some random company's manual passed off as a template that you will struggle to understand or complete.  You get what you pay for really applies here..

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Included with the Franchise Operations Manual Template

  • 25 Chapters with 300+ Pages in fully editable Microsoft Word. You can make any changes, additions, and updates you like.
  • Tips, suggestions, and instructions throughout including fast and easy one-step find and replace text and formatting tips.
  • Online presentation.  The opportunity to review the entire 300+ page manual before you invest in the template.  (This is a must with any template before you buy.)

Initial Setup, Franchise Consulting, and Customization Available

  • Logo and Corporate Colors.  We add your logo, company name, and address to the cover page, copyright information to the footers and your corporate colors throughout the manual.
  • PDF conversion.  We will convert and combine the finished Microsoft Word chapters into a secure Adobe Acrobat PDF you can print out, post to your website and send electronically to your franchisees.
  • One hour of franchise consulting from an industry veteran.  Additional time is available on an hourly basis.

30 Years in the Making

The Franchise Operations Manual Template is the culmination of my 30 years of experience in business and franchising, developing and running my own franchise companies as a franchisor, and writing Operations Manuals for franchise opportunities I developed for others.

View the Table of Contents


The complete Operations Manual Template for service-type franchise opportunities begins as low as $495.  For restaurant franchise opportunities as low as $695.

My Operations Manual Template is the only true fill-in-the-blanks template available at any price. If you own a restaurant, the 100-page Resources section alone is worth more than the cost of the template. You will save months of development time.

Contact me for a free online presentation of the entire Franchise Operations Manual Template. Plan on 20-30 minutes.  Whether you buy mine or someone else’s make sure you preview the complete template before you buy.  Not just a few sample chapters.

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We offer a Flat Fee Franchise Development Package that includes everything you need to franchise your business and start selling franchises in the shortest amount of time, at an affordable price.

For a free consultation, give me a call anytime at 321.392.3000 X 1 or schedule a call and I’ll call you.