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Prospect Qualification


We automatically combine Prospect Qualification with Full-Service Franchise Sales, but you can use it as a stand-alone program.

Prospect Qualification works exceptionally well if you are the Owner, Founder and Sales Department. Having someone between you and the prospect will reduce your workload and increase your close rate.

Here’s how it works:

We create a distinct, tailored-to-your-offering system of responding to franchise information inquiries and leads. The process includes a series of emails, texts, and phone calls, all by a real person that will personally reply to any responses.

Our contact with your prospect will include as much or as little information as you like, but usually, it is a brief overview including a few commonly asked questions and answers such as territory availability.

We then pass interested, financially pre-qualified prospects directly to you or set up the first telephone interview. Instead of chasing leads, you will be spending your time working with enthusiastic, engaged buyers.

Each month you will get a report of the prospects in sortable Excel format, including where they came from (portal, call in, your website), the number of times and dates we contacted them, and the final result.

You can use the report to track the quality of leads from Internet franchise portals and other sources. With pay-per-lead sites, the report will help you get credit for no contact “bogus” leads.

There are no long-term commitments, but there is a one-time $350 setup fee. After that, the cost per lead is $15, with a $150 monthly minimum.

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